Your attention please!, some of the photos in this web page were used to foll some of the members of the Astronomical Society of Granada. If you want to read the fake story about the images you can do it in Más con Menos.

Some months ago we bought some new astronomical gadgets, but due to bad weather ad a fire in our observation place make it impossible to try it until last week. Among other equipment, we now have a monochrome Lunático QHY-9 CCD camera. It main characteristics are the following:

  • CCD Sensor: KAF8300 (black & white)
  • Total Pixels: 3448x2574 (8.9mega pixel)
  • Effective Pixels: 3358x2536 (8.6mega pixel)
  • Pixel Size: 5.4μmx5.4μm

On the weekend of June 13,14 2009 we had a meeting in Abla (Almería, south of Spain) to participate in the second Messier Marathon that was going to be held in that town. The Asociación Astronómica y Cultural Orión from Almería, which was organizing the event (jointly with the Abla town council) had previously invited us to participate in a previous date, but due to some weather problems the final date was posponed.

The planning for both days was great due to the efforts of the organizers, with several activities from outdoor meals (it look more like gastonomical societies), cultural / mathematical games, mainly directed by Luis Rodríguez, the maintainer of Juegos topológicos, some radio ham meetings with some people in Monterrey (México) and a quite intense observation night.

Zerjillo + Antonio with Moon and Jupiter

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