Autoguiding Solution from Lunático

The autoguiding solution from Lunático is a combination between a luminous small 60mm refractor and the CMOS QHY-5 camera.

Concretely, the telescope is a EZG-60, whose main characteristics are:

  • 60mm diameter
  • 230mm focal lenght
  • Fast (f/3.8)
  • Well-finished
  • Light (less than 1kg with its rings).

The Luna-QHY 5 Mono camera has the following characteristics:

  • Hal inch CMOS sensor (1280x1024 1,3Mpixel)
  • Pixel size: 5,2µm * 5,2µm
  • Unlimited exposure time
  • Maximum quantum efficiency: 56%
  • ROI (region of interest) supported
  • Up to 40 fps (400x400, 26 ms)
  • Standard guiding port

In general it is a good combination to auto-guide, as almost everywhere you point your scope you will find stars due to the brightness of the telescope. Our first results with this kit are quite satisfactory.

Solución Autoguiado Lunático