Convert Video to Images

AVI files usually hav a restriction of 2Gb in size. This makes that in many occassions, specially with large CCDs (for example the QHY5) the videos taken for the Moon are bigger than that amount of information. In fact the QHY5 software splits AVI files when they are larger than 2Gb. That makes processing of those videos with tools like Registax or AviStack more difficult.

To overcome this issue I have created a small BASH script to transform those videos into sequences of still images that can be later processed (without any limitation of the video size). It should work in any GNU/Linux system where ffmpeg and ImageMagick are installed (they are part of any modern distribution).

To use it you should call it in the following way:

# ./ directory video1 [video2 [video 3 ...]]

where directory is the directory where the images are going to be saved and video1, video2... are the videos to be converted.


convertVideoToImages.sh1.58 KB